Monthly Archives: February 2018

Ep 46: Just Two Fools

It’s a Valentine’s special, and as you might expect things get a little saucy in this episode. Our Main Quest focuses on erotic ASMR. We both prove to be fools in this episode. We have some very topical discussions relating to the hit song “Blurred Lines.” Sorry about the audio issues.

OC don’t steal.

Ep 45: Connect ASMR.jpg

Things get controversial in our most politically charged episode yet! Still not very politically charged though, this is an ASMR podcast, not a politics podcast. Our Main Quest this week focuses on FredsVoice ASMR. We talk a bit too long about memes. Ian discusses his love of impressionism in music. In the Indulgence Corner, we pose some important questions for Danny D.

Finally, I must apologize for Ian’s audio quality in this episode, hopefully we won’t have this problem in the future.

OC, don’t steal.